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Where in BC can you shoot wild / feral pigs?

Discussion in 'Hunting and Fishing' started by Testicular Cancer, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Testicular Cancer

    Testicular Cancer Gay Santa Founders

    i want wild bacon, i know you dont need a license, but i need to know where they are.
  2. TopSecret

    TopSecret I told on you! Staff Founders

  3. StoneHorse

    StoneHorse Archer Founders

    Porky is becoming problematic in many areas of Sask I understand. The Sask government last I heard are not treating wild boars as a invasive species. Looking to make money as a big games species rather than letting people shoot on sight. Wild pigs are smart, skiddish, fast and largely nocturnal. In other words, tough to hunt. There are areas in BC to hunt porky as noted above.

    I've seen videos of people hunting boars in Texas. Shooting from a helicopters using AR's. They can't shoot them fast enough to keep ahead of the population explosion. Same thing could happen here.
  4. Makwa

    Makwa Rock Slinger Founders

    I left BC a while ago but there use to be wild boar out around Harrison Hot Springs. They were hard to find though.
  5. Testicular Cancer

    Testicular Cancer Gay Santa Founders

    there was a government guy in Texas at a press conference.


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