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Water Storage

Discussion in 'Preserving, Canning and Freezing' started by Canadian1911, May 3, 2015.

  1. Canadian1911

    Canadian1911 Crossbow Man

    A friend says he stores water in large containers for emergency situations and just pours in a table spoon of bleach to preserve it.

    At first I was like "Who are you, Amanda Todd?". But he explained to me that a little bleach diluted in a large amount of water isn't that damaging and that it will preserve it. Is he right or wrong?

    I myself, to cut down on the cost of bottled water (because I need to cut costs as much as I can) use a Britta Filter Jug to filter water straight form the tap - because it's already included in rent (so almost free) (a pack of 8 filters costs like $35 and lasts 14 months). He said that in an emergency situation when plumbing doesn't work, it'll be useless.

    So I guess I better get some large containers, go to the drug or grocery store and buy a small thing of Clorox and start preserving. I already have a bunch of non-perishable food, (as I don't do well with food that goes bad [it always goes bad before I eat it] ).

    As far as defence wise I may not have firearms yet, but I have pellet pistols and rifles but they all operate on co2 and in an emergency situation my supply of Co2 may run out, should get something break-barrel or try to get a P.A.L and real firearms as soon as I can. Of course for killing or significantly injuring someone if my life depends upon it, id have to get lucky with shot-placement but pellet stuff should be good for small-game if I want some meat.

    Luckily I was in cubs and scouts for a bit, so I know how to make make-shift shelters, what plants can be used for different purposes, etc so I have skills in that area, as well as a little knot tying experience.

    But this thread is mainly about water, is this the way to store emergency supplies or is my friend bat shit crazy?
  2. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    I think it is easier to store means of purifying water than purified water.

    Any useful quantities of water will comsume a tremendous amount of space.

    I would think that a couple week suppy of water wouldn't be bad, especially if you can stay where you are. Plenty of disaster type situations where staying at home and waiting it out is feasible.
  3. Shawn

    Shawn Moderator Staff Founders

    Your friend is correct, but Navy is more correct.

    For you I would store as much water as I can with a way to purify it as necessary.

    Also you have to do the math so to speak, the average person's bare minimum use for a day is about 3L. That includes cooking, washing etc. And by washing I dont mean shower, I mean wet clothe and a whores bath.

    When I was working out my need for water storage I came too 5L is what I wanted to make sure we had lots per person. So once you come to the amount per day you require all you have to do is multiply by the time you want to have as a reserve and BAM that is how much you need. So with my numbers for one person you are looking at 35L per week per person or 140L per month.

    The issue is with city dwellers there is no reliable natural source of water so if SHTF all you have is what you stored, unless you live by a river. And storing water takes up a lot of space.

  4. Canadian1911

    Canadian1911 Crossbow Man

    Welland, a lot of natural water sources lol
  5. Shawn

    Shawn Moderator Staff Founders

    You also have to factor in that when it gets bad enough that you are relying on your water storage is it wise to be out and about? For the most part when something happens you want to be able to shelter in place for a min of 2 weeks to let stuff stabilize a little before going all survivor man. Remember your not the only person there and 99% of them have done nothing to aid themselves in any situation let alone the loss of water for an extended time.

    Just please do not buy into the BS that just because you have a gun/are a man/know how to fight bla bla bla that you are good to go no matter what. The hash reality is you are not. This is amount risk management not ego drivin macho BS.

    And just to give some prospective on my point of view I definitely fit the description of one that should/could be out and about. I have spent the last 19 years in the infantry, done some policing, and cash in transit. I am not an unskilled individual, but I will not be out and about unless absolutely necessary.

    If you are really interested in being prepared I would suggest you start by reading this:


    Start at the top and read it all. Sections 1 to 3 and all their chapters, it will take you a few days or longer but if you learn and listen you will be more prepared that 99.9999999999999% of people any where.

  6. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    35L of water is 35Kg(77lbs), plus the weight of the container and means to transport, if a person is on the move. I would give up on trying to move 140Kg of water right quick.
  7. TopSecret

    TopSecret I told on you! Staff Founders

    I think that's for situations where you can stay put, even just for a while. Power outages due to nature kicking ass and such.
  8. Shawn

    Shawn Moderator Staff Founders

    Regardless if your are moving or not the requirement stays the same, if not increases with movement. But in this context we where specifically talking about sheltering in place.

  9. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    I get that, was just emphasizing the issues with water increase with the volume stored.
  10. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    I only have 80L on hand in portable containers but several sources close at hand. So I bought a filter system and spare filters. Expensive but we also use this when camping. Use your gear to know if it's any good/works as advertised. This one does and when I'm not as broke I'm going to buy the biggest one and put it in storage and continue using the one I have now.

    As stated above storing a large volume of potable water is space and weight intensive, also difficult to maintain. None of my long term plans include more than a week potable water on hand at any given time, with the exception of a "clean" source where possible.
  11. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    And I was just thinking about what I was going to read on breaks tonight. Thanks!
  12. TopSecret

    TopSecret I told on you! Staff Founders

    I laughed!
  13. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    Even if you store water in bulk I think it is worth while to have a couple flats of bottled water:

    If your bulk storage becomes contaminated or damaged
    Lower risk of total water loss to contamination or damage
    You need to use water to barter.
    Easy to ration out and carry.
    Clean containers to collect clear water for sanitizing

    It's also important to remember that whatever process you do to sanitize the water, there must be some dissolved mineral solids or the water is unhealthy. Pure Distilled water should not be considered safe for consumption, as it will leach all the valuable minerals out of your bones.

    I think I have it in the castle thread, but ideally I want a proper commercial grade UV & RO system with ozonation for any bug in situation.
  14. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    My part of the building is a faraday cage now. No signal. Too much in the way of rebar and high voltage electrical between me and the nearest tower. Another reason I'm debating getting a phone that isn't dying.

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