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Steam powered

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuels' started by Testicular Cancer, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Testicular Cancer

    Testicular Cancer Gay Santa Founders

    I wonder how hard it would be to convert a truck to run on steam.

    You'd need the bed for the fuel and a large tank for water. Have a custom ground cam for two ramps on each lobe to make it two stroke. A high pressure intake of some kind .

    You could make youe own charcoal. Be self sufficient . Not very efficient.
  2. Shawn

    Shawn Moderator Staff Founders

    I think wood gasifier would be a better way to go. It is currently very popular in south America and parts of Africa. Not to mention very little to no modifications to the engine

  3. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    Wood gasification is an excellent source of heat, also steam is an excellent power transmitter. Steam has some distinct advantages, every time I watch steam engines on youtube I want to build one.
  4. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    I've thought about this a fair amount actually, would be better to build a new, dedicated engine directly connected to the transfer case. Engine can be laid flat sort of like a boxer engine and the boiler can occupy the engine bay. Diesel fuel as the fuel of choice that it's jetted for, high pressure system 1000-2000psi. To avoid having a throttle in the steering wheel it might have to be throttle by-wire with a solenoid motor driving the steam valve for the engine. Control suite and high pressure compressed air for startup and shut down. Use the existing fuel tanks for fuel, put a 1000L water tank in the box, still a useful vehicle.


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