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Magical Mineral Solution

Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by Canadian1911, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Canadian1911

    Canadian1911 Crossbow Man

    My father is a big believer in Magical Mineral Solution, he thinks it can cure cancer, as well as malaria, etc all the way down to be used on cuts, burns, open wounds etc.

    Recently my brother developed infections on his face, and my father gave him gaws soaked with MMS on them, I thought it was alcohol (you know, not being a kook and all). but no it was MMS.

    In reality, MMS is an illegal substance in Canada, and it can have severe adverse effects, including death:

    Adverse reactions: http://globalnews.ca/news/211949/he...te-product-mms-linked-to-3-adverse-reactions/

    Unauthorized product: http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2014/41859a-eng.php

    I'm hoping that by sharing this, if you guys come across MMS you will report it to the authorities, and first, warn the people to not use it.

    I have told my father that he shouldn't use it, as well as it being illegal, but of course he won't listen.

    P.S: "Miracle Mineral Solution" and "Magical Mineral Solution", are the same thing.
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  2. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    Thank you for the public service announcement.

    I am concerned however, that yet again you resort to name calling, this time in regards to your father. How does a derogatory comment about your father add to the value of an otherwise useful post? I hope that you are aware of your own contradiction in regards to your fathers use of this product.
  3. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    The "new age" health phase is pretty terrifying. There was just a woman who was convicted for not providing the necessities of life to her son, and giving him oil of oregano instead of taking him to a doctor for an infection. The kid died.
    There's a degree of herbal and natural treatments for some ailments, but when you start feeding your kid dandelion tea instead of taking him to a professional, it saddens me greatly.
  4. Canadian1911

    Canadian1911 Crossbow Man

    My father has a bunch of crazy beliefs, like aliens started evolution, he is into that "freeman on the land" stuff, he says religion is bullshit, but just replaces it with other unsubstantiated claims.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  5. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    I'm not denying your claims. You continue to miss the point. Make your points in a civilized manner without resorting to name calling. You seem completely unable to interact with this community in a non adversarial and derogatory manner. You have the false impression that you are being persecuted when it is your own behavior drawing this attention to yourself.

    Edit both of your posts to remove the derogatory comments and present your opinion in civilized manner.
  6. Canadian1911

    Canadian1911 Crossbow Man

    Holy Shit! I just watched a story about that one CBC: The National. Yeah, that is true, but so is faith healing, choosing prayer over medical attention, unfortunately, more than one kid usually has to die before faith healing parents are charged with anything.

    Unfortunately, woo is really popular.

    Here is James Randi (Atheist and Skeptic), swallowing two fist fulls of homeopathic pills, and getting no effect at all:


    A James Randi TED Talk on the subject of "Woo"

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017

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