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Discussion in 'Gear and Accessories' started by drogers33, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    So for those of us that grew up in scouting or had parents/family who taught them about the back woods. How to find your way from Point A to Point B? Or my personal favorite "Where the hell is here?" This involved a map, compass, a lot of swearing, puzzled looking around at a bunch of trees and a river/cliff/ whatever that "ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!". And I'm told that the army never gets past the swearing to the puzzled part.

    Now I keep my paper maps cause I believe in them and the fact that they won't need charging etc, but I will admit I spent some money (read lots and lots) on a Garmin Rino 650, and battery pack, car charger etc. I also paid my money and got the Backroad Maps. Expensive but you really can't unlock the potential of any GPS without having useful maps loaded. Now all gps units I've used or researched have one main issue, they are built to take abuse and the screens are built small as a result. Small enough that trip planning or searching is a serious pain in the ass. So out comes the map book and you end up going back and forth between the GPS and the book or you need a computer to plug in to and the software to upload (this works great for planning).

    I emailed Garmin after I'd had the unit a while suggesting they would really make me and a lot of people happy if they could step up their game a lot in the screen size and res department. I got a standard email response back and shrugged and moved on to my next email. I emailed Backroads and pointed out that as awesome as their maps are on the tiny screens you really aren't getting as much bang for your buck in the field. They emailed me back, asked a few questions back and forth, thanked me for my input. I felt that they listened and off I went feeling better about my day.

    Fast forward to now, I get my email that new maps are out etc and also Backroads has a new feature. An app. Now usually have my cell phone with me in the bush and it happens to come with GPS/GLONASS. As well as a nice big screen.

    I haven't tried out the app yet but the price is right, $30 a year vs about $50 to keep my standalone gps maps updated, I'm hoping there's a nice package option cause I know I'm going to be getting both either way.

    So what my rather rambling post really is about: GPS/GLONASS do you use it and if so which unit/maps?
  2. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    That's where you're dead wrong.
    We start out puzzled, start swearing, and go back to puzzled, and then to the mess!

    But in seriousness, the only GPS i ever used is GPS Test on my phone, because it had MGRS and of course the DAGR in the army
    I have a personal love for map and compass. There is something very satisfying about doing a grid resection and getting your position to navigate home.
    I've gotten more lost using the GPS than map and compass.
    In fact with the night Nav portion of my BIQ over a 1km~ distance with a half dozen waypoints I was 3m off the marker with the compass.
    I won't tell you how far off course me and Davies got with the GPS

    All that being said, I have thought about getting a GPS unit, but money/need have yet to make it worth it.
    What I really need is a good MILS compass and a map to go with it.
    Course in the Chilcotin a compass won't do you any good
  3. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    Works fine for me. You just have to use lakes, hills are kinda hard to find.
  4. Kagia

    Kagia Crossbow Man Founders

    I have a Garmin Montana 650 that I sometimes use. I need to spend a bit more time figuring out all the features. I've never really used more than the basic functions.

    I don't usually venture too far off the beaten path, but hope to start doing a bit more extreme exploring this year.

    Never used the map/compass technique before, but would like to learn.
  5. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    with the volcanic deposits a compass will become unreliable and ineffective. At least in the riske creek area.
  6. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    you can teach yourself with a bit of effort on the internet, but the best way is just to head out in the bush with someone who knows, and explore!
  7. Kagia

    Kagia Crossbow Man Founders

    Why exactly is that?
  8. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    In certain areas there are large amounts of ferrous metals that screw with compass use. Usually it is a very localized effect and if you have the maps that list offest you still can use a compass, although most don't. In areas like that dead reckoning or electronic aids are about the only options.
  9. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    basically what drogers said, id only add that in some areas it can't be compensated for and your compass will just spin wildly
  10. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    I thought that only happened in the x-files.
  11. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    well i was with the army. It could have been an experiment. That would explain the probes....

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