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C.O.D. 4: Modern Warfare

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by stevebc, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    This may amuse some of you younger gamers:

    Up until December 31st, the only fps game I'd ever played was Red Crucible and it's later reincarnation RC Reloaded. It's a free game, and lots of fun, but it was getting boring and I was coming to realize it's fairly basic.

    So I finally decided to try one of the COD series- I'd never played any before.

    By comparison, this game is far more challenging, more intense. Hell it even has a story line and my partner said it looks like an interactive movie.

    Well, the graphics aren't that good, but they're better than RC. The game isn't exactly realistic: bad guys standing at point blank range hosing you down, and you're only getting "wounded".

    Still, I'm just beginning, and haven't even considered trying the online stuff yet- too busy getting killed in the introductory stuff to try that yet.

    Yeah, I know there are far better, more realistic games out there- but this is proving to be an enjoyable challenge for this old fart.
  2. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 were probably the best of the COD modern series, with probably the best multiplayer. Lots of cheaters, though I'm not sure how active they are with the age of the games now.
  3. Canadian1911

    Canadian1911 Crossbow Man

    Only C.O.D game I own is "Black OPs". I've beat it. I didn't like the story much though.
  4. TopSecret

    TopSecret I told on you! Staff Founders

    Haven't liked COD since they moved away from WW2. It's just been a boring buggy mess with huge amounts of hackers popping up about 3 days after release.

    Tried the zombie thing a few times but not a big fan of survival mode type things.
  5. Shawn

    Shawn Moderator Staff Founders


    The new ones BLOPS and BLOPS 2 are garbage

  6. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    It crashed on me once and suggested I run it in "safe mode", but the graphics suffered badly. I'm using their "optimum" settings and it's now much clearer and sharper.

    I've made it through the introductory missions, have unlocked "arcade mode", and am about to try the multiplayer.
  7. Davies

    Davies Pikeman

    Modern warfare 1 and 2 had the best multiplayer in my opinion. Had some good times lol havnt played the new pnes though. Too over loaded with killstreaks and deathstreaks now. They just pack those games with so much crap now to make up for stale gameplay and call it "content"
  8. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    My first attempt in the multiplayer mode had my life measured in seconds.

    As in "where am I, which way do I... DEAD".

    But I made it to a couple of minutes at one point, and even managed my first kill.
  9. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    Welcome to cod multiplayer. Die a lot and swear even more.
  10. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    CanadianPysko goes by the name "Running in Circles, dying" due to how badly we all failed at CoD, even working as a group.
  11. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    But it was fun running in said circles partaking in said action.
  12. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    Those were good times. Too bad we couldn't get him into arma
  13. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    Whenever Davies played with us we did worse as a group because we'd just devolve into team killing more than enemy killing
  14. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    That wasn't team killing, it was dynamic training!
    Ken likes this.
  15. Davies

    Davies Pikeman

    I seem to remember Ken's only kills being teamkills.....
    Good times lol
  16. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    Still enjoying this game, have learned a few tricks and spotted a flaw: in the prologue, you can pass certain checkpoints, and think you're good to go, but it seems that if you're too slow at a certain point, you'll never make it through the mission no matter how hard you try.
    Still, that part of the game, because it's all ship's interior, with stairs and catwalks and different levels... has a lot of "Aliens" references in the dialogue, even some of the music soundtrack. The kind of thing that makes you smile as you progress through the scenario.

    I'm still looking for a "total noobs" server, because even the "Beginners" one I found is brutal, but I'm getting there...
  17. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    I likes the campaign, even if it was way to short. As for multiplayer, I'd just keep plugging along. Even you'll start doing a little better and a little better. I did anyways. Just took awhile
  18. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    I did the best in multiplier when I ran around killing people with the knife.
  19. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    I'll bear that ^ in mind... off to give it another whirl.
  20. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    Yeah, the game is kinda short... you know there's a short additional mission at the end of the credits, right? But I wish it was longer.

    Did so poorly today at the arcade mode I didn't bother with multi. I'll keep at it, thanks for the encouragement, Ken.
  21. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    It's been a long time, you'd have to refresh my memory
  22. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    The whole thing ends with you being passed the pistol from Capt. Price in order to shoot the bad guy Imran Zakhaev. You shoot him, the 2 soldiers, and then the Russians show up to administer first aid.

    Switch to voice over from a news reader that says a nuclear test occurred, signs of a leadership struggle emerging, and oh, a search for a ship missing in the Bering Straight has been called off.

    (You know the real story, but that's how the whole thing was presented to the unknowing world.)

    Fade to black, roll credits. And they roll on and on and on...

    Not being patient enough to sit through that, I hit escape and quit, but the menu would say "resume mission".

    So one day I let the credits roll while I tinkered with other stuff, and suddenly, the credits are done, and the voices from the game start talking, I look up, and there's another short mission starting up.

    Oddly, once that mission is done, you're left with one "choice", click to go back to the main menu... where it STILL says "resume mission"... but that's it, I can't find any more hidden options or anything.
  23. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    Slowly getting better at multiplayer, even though I still get slaughtered a lot, at least I'm getting more fluid in my movements. I saved a server that usually has 6 or fewer players, so that I stand a chance.

    It seems to be always on a map called "Crossfire", but that's giving me a chance to learn it.

    So overall, the experience has improved from "brutal" to "punishing".

    I'm actually ok with that.

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