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Biolite CampStove

Discussion in 'Gear and Accessories' started by NavyCuda, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    Detailed thoughts and perhaps some pictures, coming soon.

    We bought one today in case the power didn't come back on, but when we got home there was power. However still going to give the biolite camp stove a try to make dinner tonight.
  2. Kagia

    Kagia Crossbow Man Founders

    Is that the one that generates electricity as it cooks???

    Definitely let us know how it works!
  3. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    Due to the power outage my phone was dead so I didn't get any pictures of the unpackaging or the startup of the biolite camp stove. My first try I used pinecones but they were too damp and they didn't want to burn. I had a little bit of firewood left that was dry so I cut it up into little pieces that I could fit into the burner. Once I got it good and hot it was rather fuel efficient. It also produces more heat than I was expecting and burned the outside of the sausages a bit. I'm going to pickup some wood pellets and run it mostly off them in the future. They burn clean and consistent. I might also use some smoking wood chips for flavor. In the 20 minutes or so that I had my phone connected I gained about 15% charge.

    It has a battery in it that will run the fan while you're getting it started up. Once it's up to temperature it will recharge the battery, power the fan and if hot enough, provide 2-5w to the usb charging port. It has two fan speeds, low and hi.

    biolite_1.jpg biolite_b42.jpg biolite_2.jpg
  4. Kagia

    Kagia Crossbow Man Founders


    Where did you get yours?
  5. Kagia

    Kagia Crossbow Man Founders

    I used my MSR Micro Rocket stove to cook some chilli during the outage, and use it a lot camping, but have wanted a biolite for a long time.
  6. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    Valhalla Pure in abbotsford.

    I've had a soft spot for wood gasification for quite a while and have played with it a fair amount. My fullsize wood burning bbq is an evolution of that experimentation. I played with the soup can burners and with some fuels they work ok. Wood gasification needs either a large combustion chamber and lots of fuel to get enough airflow, or a blower of some kind. The use of a thermocouple is brilliant, because now the blower doesn't need an outside source of energy.

    This one I built was just large enough, with the right fuels to be self sustaining but it was way too much heat to cook over. I made a smaller one from a 4L paint can and a 20L varsol bucket with a 24v squirel cage fan for a blower. It too produced too much heat and tended to burn up the combustion chamber rather quickly. Then I tried lining the bottom of the combustion chamber with rocks and they melted together.
  7. Kagia

    Kagia Crossbow Man Founders

    I made a couple out of the small paint cans with corn cans inside them and they worked like a hot damn.
    tossed them when I moved and been thinking about making another one ever since.
    Will probably do that soon, but would also like one of those biolite stoves.
  8. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    I just picked up an MSR multi fuel stove for the same reason.
    Will post pics later.
  9. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    I need to learn a little bit about smoking. I've switched to smoking wood pellets for fuel. If I get it going and then let it burn down a bit, and top it right back up, it will make nice billowing clouds of smoke that makes the sausages look amazing. I did this a few too many times though and ended up with a very strong smokey flavor. Because the smoke was hot enough it had combustible gases in it, so that might not be ideal for cooking with. When I ate the sausages afterwards, the occasional bite would make me taste the smoke so much that I would cough as though I was breathing in smoke.

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