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Belgian Beers

Discussion in 'Thirst Quenchers' started by StoneHorse, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. StoneHorse

    StoneHorse Archer Founders

    Over a rather long period of time my taste in beers have changed. I've moved away from the so-called main stream, massively produced beers. You know, the Buds, Coors, Molson, Schooner, Moose Head, etc.

    Just one of my favorite beers these days is a fantastic Belgian brew called Gulden Draak. This dark red beer has re-fermentation and at 10.5% vol/alc, it is a winter evening sipping beer. Although I do enjoy having one year round. It packaged in a very distinctive white bottle with a gold dragon. I find this beer absolutely delicious.

    It is available here in BC at selective BC Government liquor stores & private liquor outlets. I have no idea on the availability outside of BC. I recently discovered a local pub that has this Belgian beauty on tap :).

  2. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    "The Belgians are to beer, what the French are to wine." Or so I've been told. That Gulden Draak is of a class of beers sometimes known as "barley wine", for it's high alcohol content.
  3. TopSecret

    TopSecret I told on you! Staff Founders

    Is Gulden Draak (what's that? Golden dragon?) available in any well stocked liquor store?

    I remember when I worked in landscaping we went to Richmond once a week and had lunch at a pub down the road.

    We'd sample the beer list while there (with our boss sitting right next to us) and I remember some chocolate infused beer that was surprisingly good. Though the chocolate taste only lasted a few seconds at the beginning of each sip.
  4. StoneHorse

    StoneHorse Archer Founders

    The high alcohol content sure does provide a nice warming feeling. I have been told by others that Gulden Draak makes for a very nice marinade. That may very well be true but I can't bring myself to pouring this beer over top of meat. I much prefer to pour it in a glass and spend the next hour or so sipping it.
    Gulden Draak (Dutch: Golden Dragon) is a dark Belgian beer with high alcohol by volume (10.5%), brewed by Brouwerij Van Steenberge in Ertvelde, East Flanders. It is named after the golden dragon at the top of the belfry in Ghent.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2015
  5. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

  6. StoneHorse

    StoneHorse Archer Founders

    Thanks for posting the link steve. I didn't think of doing that at the time.
  7. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    Ive seen that around but never tried it.
    ill pick some up Friday maybe.
    myself i love a good farmhouse ale.
    Normally a bit stronger, and tingles your throat on the way down, and i can't describe the taste, but its just how beer should taste imo.
    the brand I've been buying is Sophie by goose island brewery
  8. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    Tried Gulden Draak today.
    Not bad at all, ill probably pick it up again come winter

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