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Beer Store Run

Discussion in 'Thirst Quenchers' started by Canadian1911, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Canadian1911

    Canadian1911 Crossbow Man

    Ontario has two main alcohol retailers: the "LCBO" (Liquor Control Board of Ontario), and "The Beer Store", although around 2000 grocery stores in Ontario can now sell beer, including the food basics just across the street from my weekend job.

    Anyways, today on the way back from my week job, I stopped at the Beer Store, picked up four beers:

    1. Rolling Rock, because the angry video game nerd likes it, so I am going to try it.

    Any ways...

    2. Samuel Adams - Boston Lager

    3. Sapporo

    4. Busch

    the Saporro and Busch are both larger cans, 650ml, and 740ml respectively. I am going to begin drinking the Samuel Adams tonight though, right after I click "Create Thread".

  2. Ken

    Ken Crossbow Man

    Sapporo is a great pairing with sushi
  3. Canadian1911

    Canadian1911 Crossbow Man

    I know from experience! I had it when I went to one of those all you can eat sushi places with a friend.

    They sell both Sapporo and sushi at work (at the area where I work at least), but unfortunately you cannot drink on shift, even while on break... sucks...

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