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Anyone like Spyderco?

Discussion in 'Sharp Objects and Pointy Sticks' started by Kagia, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Kagia

    Kagia Crossbow Man Founders

    They do have a lot of knives I find fugly and have no use for, but I really like a lot of their other knives.

    Here's my current collection (minus the blue Manix 2 lightweight that I can't seem to find right now.)

    Anyone else like Spyderco knives?

  2. stevebc

    stevebc Lead Moderator Staff Founders

    I can see I'm going to learn a lot in this forum. I know next to nothing about knives- what's the purpose of the hole in the blade?
  3. Kagia

    Kagia Crossbow Man Founders

    Quick one-handed blade deployment. :)

    It's their trademark.
  4. NavyCuda

    NavyCuda Grand Nagus Staff Founders

    It was a toss up between one of the Spydercos and the kershaw leek. I ended up going with a black kershaw leek and it has been with me for over a decade and still looks like new whenever I clean it. It's seen tons of abuse as well.
  5. canadianpsyko

    canadianpsyko Chief Grand Breakage-er Staff Cam Founders

    I had a Spiderco Police, but I managed to lose it....
  6. drogers33

    drogers33 Longbow Man Founders

    I've had both the leek and the spiderco and I keep coming back to the leek for edc, for fixed blades I'm a fan of the SOG Seal Pup.

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