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1982 Supra P Type, Many Parts, Surrey, BC $5000usd/$7000cad

Discussion in 'Complete Vehicles' started by canadianpsyko, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. canadianpsyko

    canadianpsyko Chief Grand Breakage-er Staff Cam Founders

    I'm selling my '82 P type. It has almost all (an LSD would be good) the supporting mods you would need for the engine swap of your choice.
    I bought it several years ago from Spokane, WA. It's probably the second lowest rust MKII that's passed through my hands. It has roughly 311,000km on it.

    Contact me via PM or ideally email:

    I've tried to come up with a reasonable price, I went with roughly half the cost to buy the parts on the car.
    $5000 USD or $7000 CAD or best offer.

    Mods/interesting parts installed:
    • Front and rear BBK
    • 17x9 +12mm Rota Grid + Falken FK452 235/40/17
    • 17x9.5 +12mm Rota Grid + Falken FK452 255/40/17
    • Ground Control coilovers + 7" 350lb/in spring on shortened Celica strut casings
    • T3 steering arms
    • T3 tension control rods
    • KMac stage 2 camber/caster plates
    • Dobinson rear lowering springs
    • AGX front and rear
    • MKIII brake booster and master
    • 6M-GE from RabidChimp ~2011, 1.2mm HKS MHG, ARP head studs, new Toyota oil pump and pickup
    • RC intake pipe
    • 30mm RCA
    • Unknown thick swaybar front
    • Unknown infinitely adjustable rear swaybar
    • Griffon aluminum rad
    • Adrenaline aluminum fan shroud
    • Late style, high amperage (85 IIRC) alt
    • Additional higher gauge wire from alt to battery
    • LJM strut tower bar
    • Wes rear brace bar
    • JKv3 short shifter
    • Pacesetter header, modified to accept standard WBo2 style bung
    • The infamous header shroud panel
    • Steering rack bushings
    • 3.73 diff
    • Random 6 puck feramic clutch
    • Hella H4 conversion E-code headlights
    • Walbro fuel pump

    Things that aren't so great, I've tried to picture all of them in the album below:
    • There's some rust, it's an '80's Toyota....
    • The heater core is bypassed, I had plans to pull the engine shortly after install and play with turbos
    • The heater blower fan needs to be replaced by the one I have sitting in my garage, it clicks/buzzes
    • Neither taillight is in excellent shape, both surrounds are cracked and the passenger side lens is as well
    • A missing bolt means the front drivers side fender liner has rubbed a hole in itself
    • Cold start system is entirely removed. I've never had an issue starting it, just needs about a minute and a half to warm up before moving to not stall.
    • Driver's seat back is not ideal
    • Windshield trim was poorly attached at purchase and sitting in my garage.

    I have a camber modded rear crossmember and associated poly bushings that go with the car, and probably a bunch of other things that can leave as well. I will try to add pictures of the suspension once it's not too wet to lie on the ground outside.

    I'm not interested in parting the car out.

    Some pictures: (More located here)

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